Hot Tub servicing In Devon

Hot tub repairs in Devon is essential to get your hot tub looking great and ready for any occasion. We offer a range of hot tub services from a cleansing flush and fill, to a start up or shut down or a full annual service. Your hot tub does a lot of work keeping it warm and clean. There are many moving parts on a hot tub, so these should be checked every 12 months, just like a MOT on a car.

Maintaining the hot tub is an effective way to reduce the costly Repairs that come from the lack of care while using the spa. Using hot tub maintenance tips to care for the hot tub and reduce the costly repairs and maintenance procedures increases the quality and life span of the hot tub, while saving the owner money.

South west Spas offer a range of Hot tub servicing in Devon
Flush and Fill – This is a regular service which will help to keep your hot tub clean and free from harmful bacteria. We recommend that you have your hot tub flushed and refilled three to four times a year depending on usage.
Full Service – Just like a car, it’s important to give your hot tub a full service once a year! Getting your hot tub regularly serviced can flag up any problems and save you money in the long run. At South West Spas we give your hot tub a complete overhaul, checking all of the equipment and systems are working properly. We also do a flush and fill. If we need to carry out any additional repairs we will discuss it with you first.
Start Up – At South West Spas we understand that it’s not always convenient to have your hot tub running. If your spa has been shut down, then it’s important to get it started up properly before you jump in!
Shut Down – Whatever the time of year, if your hot tub is not being used and you need to shut it down we can do it professionally. By getting us to shut down your hot tub, you are ensuring that your spa is closed down safely and protected from the elements.
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