Hot Tub Hydrotherapy – Magical Powers?

In Roman times it was believed that hot tubs (or rather hot baths) had healing and even magical powers. Testament to their powers of relaxation and their health benefits is the fact there were Roman Bath Houses up and down the country, many of which are still in use today. Although the magical powers of hot tubs are now confined to the fantasy of films (The Hot Tub Time Machine), the benefits of hot tubs are widely accepted. Hot tubs have been shown to improve circulation, de-stress the body and relieve all kinds of muscle and joint pain. Hydrotherapy doesn’t just provide an instant relief from stress, but it has health benefits to. Hot tubs are often recommended for people suffering from insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Hot tubs are also beneficial for those with poor circulation, muscle or joint pain. Hot tubs are highly recommended for people who are in a convalescent period after an illness because the water supports the weight of your body. Hydrotherapy is also recommended for patients of arthritis because the jets of hot water help to sooth any joint or muscle pain. So although hot tubs may not be magical, they are one way of improving (and sustaining) good health and happiness. Hot Tub Hydrotherapy