Hot Tub Yoga

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Yep, I said it. Yoga in your hot tub. Championed by yoga instructors, yoga stretching in warm water can help to ease muscle pains and improve circulation. Hot tub yoga is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from back, shoulders, neck, and hip pain. Both hydrotherapy and increased flexibility can help to alleviate many of these issues, so why not combine a relaxing soak with a few carefully executed yoga stretches? The warmth of the water prepares your connective tissue for stretching and it can also sooth aching muscles by helping to remove lactic acid build-up. For those suffering from arthritis, The Arthritis foundation recommends exercise in the water to sooth painful joints.

Here are some stretches recommended by Susan Atkinson from

Hamstring Stretch. This is great for your lower back. Using a strap or band of some kind will help if you can’t hold your foot. Place it around one foot, and extend that leg straight (or as straight as you can). Then bend your knee to your chest. Repeat three times and then stay extended straight. Sit up tall and three breaths here. If you want to increase the stretch, flex your foot. Release and repeat on the other leg.

Shoulder and Upper Arm Stretch. This is great for tight shoulders and upper back. Lift one arm overhead and bend that elbow so your hand is behind you on your upper back. With your free hand hold your elbow tip and gently pull your elbow toward the centre of your head. Now here’s the good part. Gently lean your head back into the support of your cradled arm. Feel the stretch and take three deep breaths. Release and other side.

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