Hot Tub Cinema Debate

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Hot Tub CinemaHot tub Cinemas have been popping up across the country as Brits celebrate a summer of sunshine.The craze, which continues until mid September, kicked off in June and has attracted hoards of curious city dwellers.It seems Brits have shaken off their traditional reserve and are no longer afraid to air their sun-starved bodies whilst relaxing in a hot tub and watching a film. Oh, and did I mention the movie themed cocktails and barbecue menu?

What’s more, Hot Tub Cinema usually finds roof top venues with amazing views of city skylines, so if watching re-runs of Zoolander, Anchorman or Top Gun doesn’t appeal then you can always go along and enjoy the views, drinks and food. You can purchase whole tubs to share with friends or buy individual tickets to share with fellow hot tub users. The tubs are cleaned, refilled and heated before every show.

Hot tub Cinema goer, Meg from West London said: “Summer in London simply doesn’t get any better than this. After this experience, there is only one way to watch a film – in your short shorts, and in a hot tub.”But the outdoor hot tub and film experience isn’t for everyone. Elyse from London spent more time folding up her legs to avoid kicking fellow hot tub users than relaxing. She said: “As a hot tub experience, it was horrendous – the space was a sort of dark cramped warehouse, and the hot tubs provided weren’t designed for eight people – it was a struggle for us to cram our bodies into a tight circle in the inflatable tub and there were no bubbles.”Whatever your opinion on communal outdoor bathing, this new fad is here to stay – and we say, roll on next summer and you’ve come to the right place for your hot tub maintenance needs.