Hot Tub Parts

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There are some parts of a hot tub which can be easily replaced to prolong its life. When the spa owner knows what is wrong with it, finding replacement parts from a reputable dealer is fairly easy. Getting the exact replacement part from the manufacturer is not always necessary, but it is necessary to know the name of the manufacturer of your hot tub and the model number when ordering replacement parts. The most difficult hot tubs to find replacement parts for quickly are those manufactured in China and unfortunately they frequently need replacement parts fitted.

The good news is most hot tub parts can be replaced. Just like a car, if there are serious problems with your hot tub, it’s your job to weigh up the amount it costs to replace the parts versus buying a new hot tub. The deciding factor for most people is whether it is worth the cost of the part and whether they can do it themselves. For example, replacing a filter is relatively easy, but replacing the control box or spa pump is more expensive and requires time, patience and technical skill for installation. If you are not sure what parts you need, then phone a hot tub technician and get them to come and diagnose the problem. This could save you money in the long term.

Here are some of the more common hot tub parts readily available for replacement or upgrade:

As the name suggests, hot tub heaters warm the water inside the spa. Heaters can be replaced by the home owner providing they have carried out similar tasks before. You should always check the manual. If you’re in any doubt then contact a qualified technician.

Replacing a hot tub motor is one way to prolong the life of a hot tub. It’s best to get a qualified technician to replace the motor unless you have had previous experience or instruction. It can be an expensive job, but when the choice is replacing the motor or discarding the hot tub altogether, most people will opt for the motor.

Jets are another component that can be changed with little or no difficulty – providing you know what you are doing!