Understanding Your Hot Tub Filter

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Each hot tub has a certain filter that will work with that tub. The filters come in many sizes and shapes, but there is only one that will fit your particular hot tub. There are a number of ways to find out what type you have or what type you need to buy. The owners manual will probably list the filter needed for your hot tub, if it doesn’t then you can ask your hot tub dealer by supplying him with the make and model of your hot tub. Finally, if you are sued to dealing with hot tub parts, you can take out the old filter and measure the dimensions of it.

Filters normally need replacing once a year. It is vital to regularly clean the filter to keep the water clear. Most hot tub technicians recommend that the filter is cleaned once every two to three weeks. However, if the spa is being used regularly then it should be cleaned every week – it only takes a few minutes and it makes a big difference in keeping your spa clean and looking great.


The best way to clean most filters is to take the filter out and use hot water – you can use a shower head attachment to wash the filters. Before you take out the filter, put the hot tub into sleep mode or stop mode, or just turn off the power of at the main panel. You need to do this to prevent the hot tub from circulating water through the system without a filter in place. You should never run a hot tub without filters as the debris can get stuck in the pipe work and also the pump.

When cleaning the filter, you want to get into and between each of the pleats to clean out all of the dirt and debris that has accumulated. This can be an unpleasant job, but remember anything you find in the filter is being kept out of the water! If you clean the filter regularly, it will make it last longer, work more efficiently and help to keep the water looking great.

On average, a new filter costs between £10 and £80, but it depends on the filter model that your tub uses and some hot tubs can use four filters at the same time. Hot tub filters are available from local retailers and online. Do a little shopping around as the price can very greatly. And lastly, always double check you have the right filter for your spa if you are not sure then ask.