Hot Tub Spa Maintenance Somerset

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For enjoyment of your hot tub spa some attention to detail will make the experience better and longer lasting as your investment will continue to operate properly. Your hot tub spa maintenance requires regular draining, cleaning and refilling. For light usage, fresh water at least every 6 months is advised, while heaver usage of your hot tub require more frequent changing to keep the water sparkling fresh. Changing the water more frequently instead of using more chemicals to clear up bad water is what the experts recommend.

If your tub is not operating properly, it is recommend you call your service man rather and attempt to deal with the electrical elements yourself. There is something different wrong if the hot tub will not operate at all as opposed to a spa that runs for 20 minutes then shuts off. It is all right to check the breaker yourself, and flip it back on, but any other electrical attention deserves to be from an expert.

If your water has turned hazy or foamy, but is fresh enough to still be good,  there are a number of chemical solutions. In addition, to keep water clear, the spa’s filter timer should be set to run at least two hours a day, and more if the spa enjoys heavy usage. Keeping the filters clean is a major component of keeping your water clean.

Some folks have discovered that draining half the water every other month, then refilling keeps their water fresh as long as they continue the regular hot tub spa maintenance.