Maintenance Spa Somerset

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Maintaining your spa is the key to enjoying your investment for years to come and getting good value for your money. Attention to details concerning your maintenance Spa Somerset goes a long way toward that goal. Keeping the water fresh, clear and sparkling is easy to do with just a few steps.

Your spa water can be kept fresh by refilling on the correct timetable, as infrequently as once every six months for a hot tub that get little use. More frequently for those used by more people and often for partying tubs. Some people have discovered that draining only half the water every couple of months and refilling with new keeps their hot tub attractive and inviting. Your water should be tested at least three times a week, and the proper chemicals in the correct amounts added.

If your hot tub or spa has a skimmer, use it to remove debris and hair after every usage. Plus, check the skimmer often. Filter cleaning is recommended at least every week. An extra filter and rotating the two will help the owner to keep the hot tub functioning all the time instead of having downtime while the cleaned filter dries. The filter timers should be run at least two hours a day for lightly used spas, and longer each day for those that enjoy more usage. To clean the filters, run them under the garden hose to wash away an debris, then brush the pleats with the soft for further cleaning. Rinse and repeat.

Most importantly, become familiar with your owner’s manual for maintenance for your spa. The recommended chemicals that work best with your model are right before you. If in doubt, discuss it with a technician where you purchased your hot tub spa. Maintenance spa Somerset ensures longtime enjoyment of your hot tub.