About our wood fired hot tubs


Our wood fired hot tubs can be delivered to your home and professionally installed. Once the hot tub is filled with freshwater then all you need to do is light a fire in the stove and wait for it to heat up!

Benefits of wood fired

Wood fired hot tubs offer a simple, eco-friendly way of enjoying a heated outdoor soak. What’s more, our wood fired hot tubs come with an aluminium stove, so the water quickly comes up to temperature whatever the weather. Controlling the temperature is simple – just add more wood and vary the airflow into the stove.

Freshwater can be used in wood fired hot tubs, but this does mean the water needs to be changed every one to two days. The good news is, this chemical free water can be used to water your garden!*

Aside from crackling logs, wood fired hot tubs are quiet to run and its positioning doesn’t have to be dictated by closeness to an electricity supply.

*We do offer an option to up-grade to a filtration system, which does require the use of chemicals, but means the water doesn’t need to be changed as regularly. Please enquire for details.

Specification and prices

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All of our wood fired hot tubs come with the following:

  • An aluminium stove and cast aluminium stove lid
  • An aluminium surround cover for the stove and an ash scoop
  • A 50mm wooden cover
    A step
  • One side board
  • Three bench seats in three different heights (10cm, 15cm and 20cm)
  • A thermometer and a wooden ladle.

Our wood fired hot tubs are available in three different diameters and two heights (90cm and 120cm):

Size (cm)Number of peopleWeight (kg)Water volume (litres)Speed of heating (C/hour)

150 x 90


216120018 degrees
180 x 904-5225175018 degrees
210 x 905-7260240013 degrees
 Size (cm)Number of peopleWeight (kg)Water volume (litres)Speed of heating (C/hour)

 150 x 120


226165012 degrees

 180 x 120

 4-5265240512 degrees

210 x 120

5-727033009 degrees
90cm high120cm high
150cm wide £5,350150cm wide £5,550
180cm wide £5,650180cm wide £5,950
210cm wide £6,550210cm wide £7,250

Delivery and installation start from £165. We provide a 12 month warranty on parts and labour from the date of installation.