ThermoWood hot tubs

Our ThermoWood hot tubs are the next generation of wooden hot tubs. They have an ergonomic shaped interior and a Thermowood finish, making them both aesthetically pleasing and practical.


ThermoWood is a modified timber, which makes the wood more durable and well suited to all weather conditions. Our range of wood fired ThermoWood hot tubs come with a synthetic liner which is UV resistant. These hot tubs are best suited to people who do not want to use their hot tub all year round or for holiday homes and rentals. These hot tubs can be left empty for long periods of time.

Wood fired hot tubs offer a simple, eco-friendly way of enjoying a heated outdoor soak. Our wood fired hot tubs come with three types of stoves to choose from and the water quickly comes up to temperature whatever the weather. Controlling the temperature is simple – just add more wood and vary the airflow into the stove.

Freshwater can be used in wood fired hot tubs, but this does mean the water needs to be changed every one to two days. The good news is, this chemical free water can be used to water your garden!*

Aside from crackling logs, wood fired hot tubs are quiet to run and its positioning doesn’t have to be dictated by closeness to an electricity supply.

*We do offer an option to up-grade to a filtration system, which does require the use of chemicals, but means the water doesn’t need to be changed as regularly. Please enquire for details.


All of our wood fired hot tubs come with the following:

  • The synthetic liner comes in a choice of white, beige or grey
  • The hot tub is made of moulded LDPE plastic with tapered walls
  • Comfortable, moulded bench seats
  • ThermoWood finishing around the outside of the hot tub
  • TURBO heater included with a two metre chimney and cap
  • For inside heaters there is a ThermoWood  fence for protection
  • Two clamping bands (adjustable) around the hot tub
  • Steps made of ThermoWood
  • Water drain valve
  • Delivery to UK mainland by truck (curbside only)
  • Stainless steel cover around the heater  £150 
  • ThermoWood cover – two parts – including handles  £180 
  • Stainless steel supporting rail for safe access  £160   
  • Filtration system built into the three tier ThermoWood steps £780 
  • Ash scoop £45 

ThermoWood hot tub with inside heater

2-4 people 160 cm wide and 105 cm high £2999

4-6 people 180 cm wide and 105 cm high £3299


ThermoWood hot tub with external heater

4-6  people 160 cm wide and 105 cm high £3099

6-8 people 180 cm wide and 105 cm high £3399


ThermoWood hot tub with Utenfor heater

2-4 people 160 cm wide and 105 cm high £3500

4-6 people 180 cm wide and 105 cm high £3770