Pellet Fired Wooden Hot Tubs

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Although it’s not likely that lots of people would think about wood-fired jacuzzis as being “green” products overall, some of the things are definitely more eco-friendly than others. Such holds true with a brand-new tub, that’s already on sale in Europe.

Established at Lithuania’s Kaunas University of Technology, the tub warms the water by burning wood pellets, instead of the more commonly-used split logs. According to the university, these pellets are not only a less costly way to go, but they also produce greater temperature levels in less time, plus they give off less smoke, ash and carbon.

Furthermore, the pellets are stated to be much easier to deal with than logs. The tub’s internal storage compartment is able to hold enough of them for numerous hot-tubbing sessions.

Utilizing an iOS/Android smartphone app, users begin by suggesting the water temperature level that they prefer. The tub reacts by moving a proper quantity of pellets from the storage compartment and into its combustion chamber. This means that users do not have to reach in and run the risk of managing any flaming items themselves.

As the pellets are consequently charred, integrated sensors determine the water temperature at both the top and bottom of the tub. When the general temperature level has actually reached the target, the user is alerted through the app. Pellets still continue to be slowly moved into the combustion chamber, in order to maintain the temperature.

Kaunas University’s Dr. Albertas Klovas and Dr. Rūta Klovienė have actually commercialized the technology, through spinoff business TimberIN. The tub has actually been on the marketplace for three months, and is currently offered in Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, England and Ireland. Its heating unit is now being customized for use in outside saunas.