Hot Tub Repairs Torbay Devon

Hot Tub Repairs Torbay Devon From South West Spas

Maintaining the hot tub is an effective way to reduce the costly Repairs tHot tub repairhat come from the lack of care while using the spa. Using hot tub maintenance tips to care for the hot tub and reduce the costly repairs and maintenance procedures increases the quality and life span of the tub, while saving the owner money.

Flushing the hot tub is one of the most important parts of owning the hot tub and maintaining the service. Flushing the hot tub allows the owner to replace the filter and check the components of the hot tub, replacing the water to avoid build-up and bacteria in the water.

What is the process that is used while flushing the hot tub?

First, the filter should be removed from the hot tub. Easier than replacing the filter, the hot tub owner can clean the filter using specific filter cleaner designed to remove the build-up without affecting the performance. Once the filter has been cleaned, set it aside for replacement.

Next, drain the hot tub. The hot tub power should be turned off while the hot tub is being drained to ensure safety.

Refill the hot tub about an inch above the high water mark and add the specified chlorine to the spa. The amount of chlorine
depends on the size of the spa and type of chlorine being used.

Cover the hot tub and turn the power on, circulating the water in the hot tub for forty five minutes. While the water is circulating, the owner should turn the blowers on and off, at intervals of five minutes.

Drain the hot tub and rinse the sides of the hot tub to remove excess chemicals and residue. This is the time that cleaning solution can be applied to the tub, after the excess water has been removed from the tub.

Finally, replace the filter complete the procedure to balance the tub and start it back up. The flushing process is now complete.