Hot Tub Location – Things To Consider

Once you’ve made your mind up to buy a wooden hot tub it’s important to think about the size of hot tub you require and where you are going to locate it. At South West Spas we can advise you on what size of wooden hot tub will suit your needs and what things you need to consider when choosing a location for your hot tub. Whether you are lucky enough to have views of rolling Devon countryside, sea views in Cornwall or roof tops in London, we can help you with your wooden hot tub specifications. Firstly, you need to think about who is going to use the hot tub. If you are a couple wanting a peaceful place to relax and unwind, then a smaller, red cedar hot tub may be all you need. For a family of four then our medium size hot tub offers more space and for larger families our 210cm hot tub has plenty of room for everyone to relax together! The location of your hot tub could dictate what type of wooden hot tub you buy. At South West Spas we have wood fired hot tubs, and hydrotherapy hot tubs which are powered by electricity. The wood fired hot tubs have a stove submersed in the water which heats up the tub by burning wood. A hydrotherapy hot tub will require access to electricity. All of our hot tubs need to be on firm footings so decking and patios need to be able to weight bear. It’s also useful to be near an outdoor tap or water source for filling up the hot tub. Whatever the location of your property, call us to find out how we can meet your wooden hot tub needs and general hot tub repairs.

 Wood fired hot tub