Hot Tub Covers

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Hot tub covers can be expensive, but it’s better to invest in a high quality hot tub cover rather than purchasing a cheap one because you could end up paying twice.

Traditional rigid foam spa covers can get damaged or completely destroyed by heavy rain or snow – even within the very first year of owning your spa. The problem is that rigid foam hot tub covers don’t absorb impact very well, so they get damaged or broken by falling debris and branches. Heavy rain or snow can even cause the hot tub cover to sink into your spa.

If you are replacing your hot tub cover because your current cover has broken, it’s important you find out what the reinforcement inside your next cover is made from. Hot tub covers are typically made with a piece of metal shaped like the letter U or C inside them, which strengthens the centre of the hot tub cover.

The so-called C-channel is constructed out of aluminium, which is stronger than the foam filled covers. The only downside to these types of covers is that they lack flexibility, so can take up significant space for storage purposes. An alternative would be to choose a roll hot tub cover which is very strong and essentially serves as a portion of deck that is rolled over the spa. The downside is roll covers don’t offer much in the way of insulation and debris tends to collect and fall into the spa. Reinforced rigid foam hot tub covers have a piece of board in them for added strength. The only problem with these covers is that if they become saturated they are very heavy to lift. An alternative is an air-filled spa covers. These are designed to guard against impact damage resulting from contact with branches, debris or heavy snow.

If the time has come for replacing your hot tub cover, keep in mind you will most likely need to provide the dimensions to the spa cover manufacturer. It is important to note that the spa manufacturers do change the dimensions of their spas without changing the model name or number. Due to this, you will have a hot tub cover that fits much better if you measure your own spa or get a qualified technician to do so, rather than relying on a cover manufacturer’s template. It’s important to remember that unlike clothes, if a hot tub cover doesn’t fit properly you can’t just take it back. If you decide to measure your own hot tub then you have to make sure you do it properly.

Here are a few tips:

The hot tub itself (as opposed to the existing cover) should be measured. It is important to measure from the outside edge of the of the hot tub on one side, across to the outside edge on the opposite side – from the widest point to the widest point. At this stage, ignore any rounded or cut corners. Once the overall length and width are determined for the cover, the corner dimensions will need to be provided. For all your hot tub maintenance needs contact us.