Hot Tub Chemicals

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Spa water is frequently heated and used over and over again for weeks or even months, so it has to be treated with chemicals to remove all bacteria from the water. Hot tub water chemistry is an important factor when trying to achieve a safe quality of water. Balancing the water chemistry also keeps the water fresh and hygienic, ensuring quality time in your hot tub.

When it comes to maintaining the quality and the freshness of your spa water, you should  always rely on quality products because they last longer and they are more effective than cheap chemicals. Apart from using hot tub chemicals, you should also regularly check the chemical levels and the PH levels in the water, as part of the overall maintenance. If you do not follow strict filtration regime, your spa water will breed bacteria, become cloudy and unfit for use.

First and foremost, you need to be strict with the cleanliness of your tub. If your hot tub is frequently used by your family and friends, then clean it regularly. You should replace dirty hot tub water with fresh water every three to four months or more frequently if it’s used heavily. First of all the hot tub needs to be drained, which can take a considerable amount of time. Secondly, the hot tub shell needs to be cleaned. Just as you wash out and clean your bath or shower, hot tubs need the same attention! Use a sponge and a hot tub cleansing agent to get rid of dirt and slimy substances on the tub.

Refill the hot tub. Again, depending on your water pressure this can take several hours. Add the water until it reaches the required amount of water for your the size of your spa. Let it heat up until it reaches the appropriate temperature which is usually about 38 degrees Celsius. Slowly add the correct amount of chemicals needed, then test the water to get the new levels of chemicals.

Why Use Chemicals?

Hot tub chemicals stop the growth of disease causing bacteria and break down organic matter present in the water and the hot tub pipes and filtration system (pipes etc). These chemicals contain natural oils and are completely safe for the human skin and hair.

Chlorine alternatives

There are pros and cons to using chlorine in spa water. There are different alternatives to chlorine which are as effective and less harmful. These include bromine and hydrogen peroxide, which have a less powerful odour.