The Benefits Of A Salt Generator For Your Spa

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The same salt water chlorine generation technology used in swimming pools can be customized for spa and hot tub. A Chlorine or Bromine generator is an electronic device that creates chlorine in your hot tub or spa automatically. The generators work by using salt already placed in the water to make pure Chlorine or Bromine which keeps the water clean. The device automatically produces the chemicals when needed.

Warm water provides an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and algae. It is essential to add chemicals to the water to kill harmful bacteria. Unlike chlorine or bromine tablets or granules, the generators provide juts enough chemicals to keep the water clean and they make hot tubs less expensive to run.

Using a salt generator means the water is kinder to your skin, it’s much healthier for children, you won’t get sore eyes and it increases the water quality. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit is that there is no chlorine odour!

The generators work with most major brands. However, you should check with the manufacturer before buying a salt generator. If the spa gets a lot of use then you might have to use a sanitizer too.