Indoor vs Outdoor Hot Tubs

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Hot tubs are more popular and affordable than ever and the biggest decision you have to make is where to put it. Traditionally, hot tubs are located outside, but people with more indoor than outside  space often prefer to locate their tub inside the privacy of their own home.

Rather than being overlooked by neighbours whilst relaxing in the hot tub, many people are choosing to have an indoor hot tub. An indoor hot tub can be used all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. Outdoor hot tubs are not typically used during snowfall or heavy rain. In fact the weather determines how much you can use an outdoor hot tub and this can result in it being unused for up to four months of the year.

Indoor hot tubs can be located anywhere in your property (within reason) providing the house has strong foundations. It is important to check with the hot tub company who will advise you on where’s safe to locate your hot tub.

If you plan to purchase an indoor hot tub, you should consider where you will install it and the people who will use it most often. The last thing you want is wet footprints trailed across the carpet from room to room! Another important thing to consider is access to the hot tub should anything go wrong. Indoor hot tubs require more complex installations than traditional outdoor ones. Indoor hot tubs also produce extreme heat and high humidity, so it is vital the spa is placed in a well ventilated area of your home. If in doubt you should consider using a dehumidifier close to the hot tub, so excess water can be filtered out of the air instead of collecting on widow sills and walls where it can lead to mould.