Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Inflatable hot tubs/spas are portable, and usually smaller than the traditional hot tub. They vary in price, but are normally between £350 to £700. The cost fits most budgets, eliminating the need to save enough money for several years to purchase and install the acrylic hot tub. In addition to the purchase of the hot tub, an automatic pump will be required for inflating you inflatable hot tub.

Features such as seating and jet systems can also be found in both the inflatable and portable hot tubs. Some have the same comfortable seating, as well as the same jet system. However, there are inflatable tubs which only have a blower system, which moves the water around, not providing the same effect as the jet systems do.

Installation of inflatable or portable hot tubs is relatively easy. All you need to do is inflate them, fill them with water from a garden hose and plug it in to the main socket which has a built in RCD (a safety device).

While convenient and less expensive, inflatable spas do have their cons. Obviously, they are not as durable as the acrylics. The best inflatable spas are made of heavy rubber used for white water rafts. This will decrease the risk of rips, and punctures. Another complaint is that due to the lack of insulation, the water temperature can decrease quickly. In order to slow down the heat loss you can buy heat matting.

On average, inflatable hot tubs hold about 600 to 800 litres of water which should be changed on a weekly basis. The water temperature is comfortable around 40 degrees, but the time it takes to heat your inflatable spa will depend on the temperature of the water used to fill it and also the outside temperature.

In conclusion, inflatable hot tubs are cheap to buy, easy to move around and cheaper to run. The downside is they are small, the seating is limited, there are often no jets, you cannot buy parts and they have a limited warranty.