How To Prepare The Perfect Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are generally used by groups of people at any one time, but for those hot tub owners fortunate enough to get a moments peace, they can be just as soothing and relaxing as a bath. Like baths, you can add aromatherapy crystals and oils to the water to enhance your bathing experience! Whether you want to invigorate your body or soothe aching muscles there are aromatherapy oils which can help to give you a boost. Most formulas consist of a natural blend of vitamins and oils to help replenish the body and jump start the healing process. For sore muscles why not try a bit of Arnica or Calendula oil?

Like in ordinary baths, the crystals or oils dissolve in the water and soothe your body. Obviously, when you are finished in a bath the used water and the aromatherapy oils go down the plug hole. In a hot tub, the water has chemicals in it which keeps it clean and the constant heat means that any excess aromatherapy oils will be evaporated. There are also fizz balls and hot water fragrances that will add a new element to enhance your spa experience.

Always check to see if the the product can be used in a hot tub and never use bath products in the hot tub!