Spa Cap Covers vs Rigid Foam Covers

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SpaCap hot tub covers are custom made to fit your hot tub. Unlike rigid foam covers, which are  slightly thicker in the middle but look flat, SpaCap covers are dome shaped and full of air. The benefits of getting a SpaCap covers are that they are more durable and are likely to last longer than a rigid foam cover, which eventually becomes saturated with water. However, unlike rigid foam covers, they do not fold up for easy storage. Another potential problem is heavy snowfall putting pressure on the dome causing the edges of the cover to lift up, letting heat out.

Another big difference between rigid hot tub covers and the SpaCap is where they sit on the hot tub in relation to the water level. Rigid covers sit on the rim of the hot tub so there is a significant gap between the water and the cover, Spa Cap covers sit on the surface of the water trapping heat in and stopping chemicals from evaporating.

SpaCap covers are much lighter than rigid foam covers so they are easy to lift off the hot tub, the flip side is that they can blow away if they are not properly secured. So what is the price difference? Well, a good quality rigid foam hot tub cover costs between £450 and £700 depending on the size of the spa. All SpaCap hot tub covers are made by hand, to order in the USA. They are shipped overseas and prices are on request. If in doubt, read reviews and testimonials from fellow hot tub owners!