Looking After Your Hot Tub Cover

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Hot tub covers keep heat in your hot tub, saving you energy and helping to ensure the hot tub is at the right temperature when you want to use it. The cover also stops unwanted debris from getting inside it when it’s not in use. The cover is an essential piece of equipment for any hot tub, cutting down on running costs by keeping the spa heated.
Key to getting the right hot tub cover is making sure it fits properly! You should always measure for a hot tub cover twice from outside edge to outside edge, making sure you include the cabinet lip in the measurement. The skirt of the hot tub cover will then site neatly over the side of the spa without flapping up. A snug fit also minimises heat loss. If you are not sure you have got the right measurements it’s best to ask an expert to come and have a look and he/she will be able to advice you on the best hot tub cover for your spa.

The thicker the hot tub cover the better the insulation will be. Like a house, the more insulation you have, the more heat and energy you can keep in the hot tub. It is particularly important to have a thick hot tub cover in cold climates with a minimum of five to four inches thickness. The hot tub cover should also be tapered, so that it is slightly thicker in the middle. This means any water which collects on the top of the cover will run off.

Most hot tub covers come with straps which allow you to secure the cover to the spa. The stronger the straps the longer they will last. UV light can perish the hot tub cover so it’s important to clean it properly with 303 which is available online and in most hot tub stores (it is also used to clean leather seats and sofas).