Things To Look Out For When Buying A Hot Tub

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Just as your car needs a service every year, your hot tub will require basic maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Some hot tubs will cost you a small fortune just to get them repaired, so look for hot tubs that have a reputation for easier maintenance. Most hot tubs have removable side panels and are built in such a way that each component is separate. This makes it easier to find the source of any problems and means your yearly hot tub service will run more smoothly.

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Buying A Hot Tub

Off the shelf parts

Try to find hot tubs with parts that are standard/off the shelf as this keeps costs down after the warranty runs out. A lot of big name hot tub manufactures design their own jets and plumbing, but be wary of buying a spa where the parts can only be sourced from one manufacturer. Most of the time, regular parts are a lot better than the exclusive ones.

Cheap to run

Hot tubs are just like a house – you want to keep in the heat being generated from the heater and make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. To do this you need great insulation. The hot tub should be completely insulated from the outside in. Much like a house, most of the heat is lost through the top of the hot tub, so make sure you have a thick hot tub cover (at least four inches). The side panels also need to have a good amount of insulation, as does the base of the hot tub. The heat is then kept inside the hot tub keeping it warm, even when the spa is not running.

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