Maintenance Spa Devon

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If you need to do some maintenance spa work done for winterization, maybe this will help you.

Start doing the job by turning off all the control valves and water supply and opening the jets. Drain the water from the hot tub by using a submersible pump. Then, disconnect the tub by unplugging the power cord, turn the heater off, and turn the power button, and circuit breaker off.

The next thing you need to do is take out the cabinet panel and open the spigot that is near the main pump to drain the water. Then use a wet vacuum to clear the lines of any water left. Remove the drain plugs from the pumps and let the water drain out. After the water is drained, put the plugs back in the pump. After that, replace the cabinet cover and turn the circuit breaker on. Then turn on the blowers to remove water from the air channels and pipes and clean the fittings with the wet vacuum.

Once everything is dry, make sure that everything is turned off and then you can put a cover over it so it will stay dry throughout the winter months, and then you are finished.