Locating Your Hot Tub

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Sinking into a hot tub has become the preferred end to a day’s hiking on the blustery moors or skiing in the snow-capped mountains. The instant feeling of relaxation as you slip under the warm water is blissful, but this temporary moment of calm could be ruined by the positioning of the hot tub and the lack of a view. After all, no one wants to look out onto a road or into a hedge. Hot tubs require an element of privacy, of grandeur, and as such the view should be a main priority.

Of course there are the logistics of getting the hot tub into position – do you need a lorry, a crane or a dozen body builders? Don’t go putting it under any trees or on the edge of a precipice, but do let the positioning of the hot tub be dictated by the view.

Hoteliers and resort managers are squeezing hot tubs into small roof top spaces, on the edge of sandy beaches and on platforms which push out over the sea; and chalet owners perch hot tubs on the edge of the ski slopes with stunning valley views. Even if you don’t have the luxury of living in the penthouse suite or having a roof top terrace, position your hot tub so you can look across the back garden without being overlooked by the neighbours.

A popular solution for those with little space to play with, is the construction of a gazebo. This provides all important privacy (you don’t want having a hot tub to feel like bath time in public) and shelters the hot tub from prevailing winds (thus keeping the temperature up).