Hot Tub Spa Maintenance Cornwall

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If you have a hot tub and need to do some hot tub spa maintenance but need some help, maybe this will help you.

Maintaining your spa is easy to do. After you balance the water, it only needs to be sanitized periodically. You should adjust chemical weekly though. The chemical levels need to be within the proper ranges. If you don’t keep a good eye on the water chemistry, you run the risk of rotting away your heater coil. You should also change the water twice a month. The water should be completely drained and then refilled every 8 weeks or so. If you don’t use the spa that much, you may be able to go around 12 weeks without a water change. When your spa has fresh water, it will guard against the possibility of your heater coil corroding quickly. It also helps retard lumps in the acrylic spa shell. Another thing that you need to do is clean the filters frequently. They should be cleaned weekly. Dirty or clogged filters will strain your pump and cause inadequate heat problems.

You should know your equipment. You should read and re-read the instruction manual that you got with your spa and familiarize yourself with the components of your system. You should know where and what the heater is and the air blower, pump, control box, GFCI, filter, timer, high limit reset, and thermostat.

You can buy cleaning supplies for your equipment to help them maintain their cleanliness. There are spa shell cleaners and waxes, cover cleaners and protectants, pipe and plumbing cleaners, oil/scum absorbers and scrubbers, cleaning kits, spa filter cleaners, and much more.

So if you have a hot tub and would like to maintain it yourself, you should make sure the filters and water have been cleaned on a regular basis.