Hot Tub Maintenance Devon

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If you need hot tub maintenance done but would like to do it yourself, maybe these tips will help you.

In your hot tub, you will need to maintain good water quality. To do this, you will need to check PH and sanitizer levels. It can usually be accomplished by dipping a color coded test strip into the water to check if the levels are at where they should be.

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If your PH and sanitizer needs to be adjusted, you’ll need to dump the proper additive into the water to get it back to its proper levels. Doing this will prevent scalding, corrosion, cloudy and stinky water, mineral build up, and skin irritation.

For sanitizing the water, you should put the sanitizer in the water weekly. Doing this will keep your water clear and clean. Other things that you will want to do to ensure that your hot tub is working efficiently is treating your spa with a de-scaling agent a couple times of year to prevent mineral buildup and remove and clean your spa’s main filter a couple of times a year.

So if you are interested in cleaning and maintaining your spa, doing the above tips can keep your spa workable for many years to come.