Spa Repairs South West

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If you are looking for help to do spa repairs, maybe this will help you.

There are many times when you might need to get something fixed on your spa. It might get a leak, have heater problems, need plumbing repair work done, need the pumps replaced, etc. Depending on what is wrong with it, depends on how you can go about fixing the problem. Here are some step by step instructions on fixing a leak.

First, turn off all power to the spa. Then inspect the equipment compartment. If the leak is under the pump it might be a possible pump seal failure. If the leak is detected, you should replace the pump or install new seal. If it isn’t that, you should check the union fittings at the hot tub pump and heater.

The unions can vibrate loose on a brand new spa during shipment and should be hand tightened. If that didn’t help, inspect the heater, the pressure switch, and the surrounding components. You should replace any parts that aren’t working as indicated by the leak.

So if you have a water leakage on your spa or need help fixing any other problems on it, you can find instructions on how to fix the problem on the internet.