Spa Maintenance South West

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Spa maintenance is an important part of owning a spa. Regular cleaning and maintenance can expand the life of your spa, and help eliminate costly repairs. Be sure to consult the manufacturer if you have any question while performing your spa maintenance.

You’ll want to drain, and clean your spa at least once every six months. If you have heavy usage, you may want to consider draining and cleaning more often. It is easier, and cheaper, to drain and clean your spa rather than continuing to add chemicals to treat bad water.

To clean, first drain your spa completely. You’ll then want to scrub thoroughly with a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner. The areas around the jets will most likely require a little more detail. Once the spa is dry, apply one to two coats of spa polish.

After cleaning, you’ll want to clean the filter cartridge according to manufacturer specifications. Replace if necessary.

If your spa is equipped with a skimmer, be sure to clean it of debris and hair after each use. To avoid buildup, check and clean the skimmer often.

Lastly, be sure to clean your spa cover, you’ll also want to apply a cover conditioner for protection.