Hot Tub Spa Maintenance South West

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So, you have been enjoying your hot tub, relaxing and having a good time. But everything has to be maintained, and you are wondering about your hot tub spa maintenance. A couple of pointers would be welcome.

Water quality concerns you, as it should. The quality of the water is what refreshes and relaxes. Water quality depends on the filters. There is nothing more important because a worn out filter, or just one that is clogged and dirty will not properly trap contaminants, thereby putting strain on the pump. To keep your filters in top-notch condition, clean them every time you change the water. They should be replaced annually.

The average time to change the water in a hot tub is 2 to 4 months. Water becomes cloudy because salt from perspiration and other contaminants remain in the water. Your sanitizer system keeps the water safe, but you want it sparkling. To maximize time between water changes, maintain the proper water balance and sanitizer. If the TDS reaches 1500 PPM, it is time to change the water.

A minimum amount of oversight is all that is necessary for hot tub spa maintenance. A few minutes spent occasionally, and your hot tub spa is yours to enjoy. Ahh, relaxation is wonderful.