Hot Tub Spa Maintenance Devon

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Relaxing is more and more important to working couples.  After a long 8 hour to 10 hour day, there’s nothing more soothing than a soak in the hot tub.  To get the greatest enjoyment from your hot tub you need to maintain it so that the soaking continues to be as healthy as the day you first filled your hot tub with water.  Hot tub spa maintenance is a good place to start.  Ensure that you spa water is filtered properly, has the right cleaning chemicals and is cleaned on a schedule which matches the frequency of its use.

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Your spa’s water should be changed every 3 to 4 months.  If your spa has an ozone to purify the water, less chemicals are required and the spa may only need to be cleaned every 12 months.  Still the water must be maintained.  It needs to be free from microorganisms and shouldn’t be acidic or too alkaline.  To keep hot tub water sanitized several things must take place.  The water may contain elements left behind from our bodies, like bacteria, soap residue, perspiration and hairspray.  These things must be eliminated.  A stepped process eliminates all signs of any of these things.  A filter is in place to rid all the later traces of these contaminants.  Shock treatments in your hot tub break down organic matter through oxidation.  The shock treatments activate the sanitizer which kills any bacteria or microorganisms.


Hiring professionals to provide the periodic spa sanitizing treatments guarantees it will be done right and on schedule.  Using test strips, they’ll determine the spa water’s mineral balance and correct it if it is not balanced in acidity and alkalinity.  They will also determine the water’s hardness.  If needed, calcium will be added to increase the water’s hardness to prevent corrosion of the equipment.  Technicians also protect the appearance of your hot tub by preventing stains and scales from forming.  These treatments are all included in the hot tub spa maintenance service.