Maintenance Spa South West

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If you need to do some maintenance for your spa  but don’t know where to begin, maybe this will help you.

For the weekly maintenance you should: shock the water with Lithium Chlorine. Use about 1 tablespoon per 150 gallons of water, you need to reach a the right shock level, which tells you on the chlorine reading on your test strips of 5 ppm or higher. This will go be gone overnight. Shocking is usually done at night before you go to bed, when nobody goes in for about 8 hours. Another thing you should do is check the pH at least 24 hours after the shock. It should read around 7.6. Do not add more than 2 tablespoons per 250 gallons at a time.

English: A teaspoon and tablespoon, side by side.

If you need to, come back in about 10 minutes and recheck and readjust it until you reach the right reading. One more thing that you need to do weekly is add Spa perfect to your tub. Add about 1 tablespoon per 100 gallons of water to the filter area without running the jets. Doing shocking and pH balancing along with adding Spa perfect helps keep the water clear. It also absorbs odors and removes lotions and oils that create cloudy water.

As for monthly maintenance, you should: clean the filters. First turn off the power to the spa, then remove the filters and hose them off with a hose attachment. Next spray the filter cartridge with Spa Instant Cartridge Clean and let  it stand for around 10 minutes. Then hose it off. When done, replace the filters and turn the power back on. Another thing that needs to be done is checking the alkalinity. Follow the instructions on the test strips. Alkalinity needs to be in the 120-180 ppm range. When it is good, go on to the next step. If it is low, adjust alkalinity to about 150 ppm. This can be done by using Spa Alkalinity Increaser per label instructions. 1 tablespoon will raise alkalinity to about 10 ppm.

So if you follow these and other instructions for maintaining your spa, you will be sure to have a nice spa for many years to come.