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Your spa is a lifestyle product for enhancement of your relaxation that when needs repairing requires you to find an expert who will carry out the job efficiently and effectively.

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If you live in the south west, spa repairs is practiced by a number of qualified, trusted experts, recommended by spa shops across the region, who have helped hundreds of homeowners with their spa problems for many years.

There are a few things about the machine you must identify, however, before calling a repairman. Firstly, he will need to know the type of spa you are using, and a description of the problem being experienced. For example, is there a leak, or is it the heater or jets that is not working? It could be you are not getting power to the system or the lights are not working, or there are other areas you have identified that need immediate attention.

Over time spas have evolved from being mere wooden tubs with a single pump and a couple of jets to sophisticated machines with several pumps and multiple jets. They have moved from having simple push-button controls to controls that are fully computerized, and most of them will spring leaks at some time or another, mainly from worn plumbing fittings.

Remember, your spa is a sensitive machine manufactured to last for many years. If it is neglected and not properly maintained, expect to have many problems with it. With regular maintenance most repairs can be avoided.