Spa Servicing Somerset

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If you want to do spa servicing but do not know what kinds of things you should do, maybe this will help.

Every month you should clean the filters by first turning off the power to the spa, then you carefully remove the filters and hose off with a hose attachment. Next, spray the filter cartridge with the Spa Instant Cartridge Clean and let it be for around 10 minutes. Then hose it off. When completed, put the filters back in the spa and turn the power back on.

Hot tub at Big White Ski Resort, Canada.
A Sparkling Clear Hot Tub

Another thing that you should do is check the alkalinity. To do this, you need to follow the instructions on the test strips you purchased. The alkalinity reading should be around 120-180 ppm. If the reading is low, you should adjust the alkalinity to about 150 ppm using a Spa Alkalinity Increaser. Using 1 tablespoon will raise the alkalinity to around 10 ppm, wait for about 10 minutes, then recheck and readjust until it is the right amount.

One more thing that should be done monthly is checking the ozone when you open the cover. This is done by smelling it. There should be tiny bubbles coming out of the bottom drain. For those who have the Delzone ultraviolet unit, you should see a faint blue light coming from under the equipment door at night.

For those of you who have the Freshwater II corona discharge unit you should hear a buzzing sound coming from the ozone unit while the door is open and the hot tub is in normal heating/circulating mode.

So when you service your spa monthly and make sure that the spa is working properly, your spa should last for a long time to come.