Spa Servicing Cornwall

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A home spa is a substantial investment that the owners needs to keep serviced in order to enjoy their purchase for years. Regular maintenance and spa servicing can be broken down into weekly procedures, those that are done monthly and the occasional procedure. If regular servicing is maintained, the spa will operate efficiently and the owner will enjoy good value for the money spent.

Owners may prefer to do the weekly maintenance themselves or hire a service that comes in once a week. Either way, maintaining a spa does require consistent care. This allows wear and other possible disasters to be caught early and fixed before the damage is too big or permanent.

A critical factor of servicing the hot tub is keeping the filter cleaned and/or replaced. If the filter is not cleaned regularly and well, the spa’s effectiveness is compromised. It is not difficult to clean filters and, done properly, will add years to the hot tub’s life.

Weekly service should include balancing the water level Add water as need to maintain the proper level. Chemicals should be added to main the correct Ph level. Other chemicals should be added to maintain the ideal alkalinity level and to keep the water sanitized properly. Any particle in the water should be skimmed or vacuumed. The waterline, floor and walls should be brushed and cleaned.

Once every three months the spa should be drained and the tub and filter cleaned. Fresh water then fills the spa and is balanced. To maintain the cover, it should be cleaned and condition. The spa can then be restarted and the air bled.
While maintaining hot tubs can be done by the owners if they choose, the electrical elements are a different, and dangerous, exception and should be left to the professionals. Spa servicing Cornwell needs to be consistent to keep the hot tub at its optimum. Properly maintained, a spa can deliver much pleasure for years to come.