Maintenance Spa Cornwall

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Spas are great for relaxing, so you want to keep it in good condition to ensure it lasts. If you live in the south west of England, maintenance spa Cornwall services can help with this. Here are some useful tips for spa maintenance:

* Add Shock to your Spa

Adding non-chlorine shock to your hot spa will get rid of any cloudiness and give a nice sparkle. It can eliminate dirt quickly and keep it in tip-top condition. Non-chlorine shock will also keep your water fresh for longer, too.

* Remove Water Marks

Run a cloth around the water line of your spa to get rid of water marks and any accumulated dirt.

* Use Chemicals Correctly

It is extremely important to use fresh chemicals and ensure all the jets and pumps are on so the chemicals can reach the plumbing and do their job correctly. Your plumbing and equipment will last longer as a result, saving on potentially expensive repairs and possibly even a new spa.

Do not worry too much about measuring the chemicals exactly to begin with. You will get the hang of it eventually and maintaining your spa will be second nature to you.

* Check the Filter

Always clean the filter periodically to ensure it continues working. You should change it every six months, especially if you use your spa regularly.

* Buy a Spa Vac

A Spa Vac is great for picking up any loose bits of dirt at the bottom of your spa.